North Texas Copier, Inc.


Financing your new copier

The acquisition of a new copier for your business normally requires multiple steps. One of the most important steps is how to finance the new copier. The following information is provided to help you whether you need financing to purchase the equipment or you just wish to lease it and have a monthly cost that you can predict.

One of the best things about working with North Texas Copier, Inc. is that we offer new and refurbished equipment from Canon and financing through one company that we have used for many years. All of our financed or lease machines are fully refurbished or new. If you need a less expensive machine, we have selected ten "STANDARD" copiers (for purchase only) that eliminate all the hassle of trying to "configure" the equipment. We make it simple because every "standard" copier comes fully equipped and has the supplies you need so you can just roll it in and start your work.

At this point we basically know the brand, the model, the features, and the price. Next we need to get you approved by a finance company before the equipment is ordered. An established company with good credit merely needs contact information and the amount, but otherwise you will need to prepare a signed application. It is always best to have the least number of credit requests so we will provide you with the form. You complete the credit application and submit it directly and confidentially to the finance company yourself. We do not see the application. We are merely informed when it is approved. Unless you specifically want a "$1 buy-out at term", your financing will be calulated as a "FMV" lease in order to get a better monthly rate over the 36 to 60 month period.

We can offer 36 month, 48 month, or 60 month financing with either $1 Buyout at term or FMV at term. The FMV is always cheaper during the leasing period.

Once your credit request has been approved, sit down with us and get the formal order signed so the equipment can be ordered and/or delivered. Be sure all electrical and space requirements issues are resolved BEFORE the equipment arrives. Clarify the terms of the warranty.

Asssuming you will need a maintenance agreement, determine your approximate monthly number of copies (both Black & White and color), and then get your one year service agreement signed. As a general rule of thumb, 20-35ppm copiers run 1,000-3,000 impressions per month, 40-55ppm copiers run 3,500-10,000 impressions per month, and 65+ppm copiers run 10,000-35,000 impressions per month. NOTE: On many of our lower page per minute copiers we have arbitrarily set the monthly usage at a low 2,500 copies per month and if it is a color machine, half are B&W and half are color. When we sit down to finalize your order, let us know how much paper you have been using so that we can give you the most accurate estimate of your FULL SERVICE costs, help you with budgetary planning, and set a reasonable rate in the agreement that will cover your expected usage.

When the new equipment is delivered, be sure it is fully tested before signing off on your acceptance of the equipment. If the equipment is a larger color copier, be sure to test with a good representation of typical products you print to assure the graphics quality is as expected. Make sure all users are on hand to get adequate training on the new equipment.

That's it!

DEALERS FIRST FINANCIAL; P.O. Box 218649; Houston TX 77218-8649; 281-395-3273 (phone) • 281-395-9775 (fax) - Note: $3K Minimum
AXIS Capital, Inc.; 308 N. Locust St., Suite 100; Grand Island, NE 68801; 201-280-5029 (phone) • 201-648-2013 (fax) - Note: $5K Minimum
If you see a machine on this website that meets your requirements and you are considering LEASING or FINANCING, you may complete a Credit Application (to FINANCE) or an Equipment Leasing Agreement (to LEASE) as needed for pre-approval. Forms can be downloaded from their website and sent directly to them.